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Analytical Snapshots

tell me about Analytical Snapshots?




An analytic snapshot lets you report on historical data. Authorized users can save tabular or summary report results to fields on a custom object, then map those fields to corresponding fields on a target object. They can then schedule when to run the report to load the custom object's fields with the report's data. Analytic snapshots enable you to work with report data similarly to how you work with other records in Salesforce.


For example, a customer support manager could set up an analytic snapshot that reports on the open cases assigned to his or her team everyday at 5:00 PM, and store that data in a custom object to build a history on open cases from which he or she could spot trends via reports. Then the customer support manager could report on point-in-time or trend data stored in the custom object and use the report as a source for a dashboard component. For the total number of analytic snapshots you can create.


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Hi Navtar,


How to work with analytical snapshots.

Please explaine clearly...


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