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how to Use a bucket field in reports?




Bucketing lets you quickly categorize the records on a Report by defining a set of “buckets” without the need for custom formula or fields.

  In Other Words “To quickly categorize records on a Report for grouping & filtering without the need for custom formula or fields”.


How To Adding a Bucket Field:-


 1. In the Fields pane of the report builder, double-click Add Bucket Field or drag it into the report preview. You can also click a column menu for a field in the report and select Bucket this Field.

 2. For Source Column, select the field you want to bucket.

 3. Enter a bucket field name. This appears as the column name in the report.

Since a bucket field is intended to have multiple buckets within it, a good name for a bucket field describes the scope of the buckets. For example, a bucket field named “Region” could have “East,” “West,” and “Central” buckets.

 4. To create a bucket, click New Bucket and enter a bucket name. Create multiple buckets to group your report records.

 5. To find a particular value in the list of values, type all or part of its name in the Search for values... box and click Search, leave the box empty and click Search. The search returns up to 200 values.

 6. Select values and drag them into a bucket. Alternatively, select values, click Move To, and select a bucket or enter a new bucket name.

 While you’re bucketing values, use these functions as needed:

• Use Enter Values to enter the exact name of a value you want to bucket, or to bucket values that may appear in your report later.

• To show the values for a particular bucket, click the bucket name.

• To remove values from a bucket, select the values, select Move To, and select a bucket or enter a new bucket name.

 7. To move all unbucketed values into a bucket named “Other,” enable Show unbucketed values as “Other.” If this is disabled, unbucketed values appear in the bucket column with the value name.

  8. Click OK.

 In a report, text bucket columns are sorted in alphanumeric order.


Limit: - You can have up to 5 bucket fields per report to bucket number, picklist, and text fields each with up to 20 buckets


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