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Data replication vs. Outbound messaging

Hi all,


which might be the preferred approach (data replication / out bound messaging) when we need to copy some fields of Account data to our external service running .Net 4 web service? Problem we have with outbound messaging is that the Salesforce user must be able to trust that a) the data he/she just modified and saved in SF actually was saved to the external service or b) if something went wrong, that must be somehow indicated to the user (and currently is not).


So, is there a way to inform the SF user if something went wrong with the outbound message (for example an exception occurred in the web service)? Checking "Monitoring" -> "Outbound messages" queue is not sufficient.


If not, then I believe we must use data replication, data consistency in SF and in our external system is a critical issue. Or is there another known pattern for resolving this kind of issue?


As you've discovered, it's a big jump for the user to to have to go to Setup/Monitoring/Outbound Messages.  If you want your SalesForce user to visually see when viewing the account if the external sync of data is sucessful or fails, you might consider a custom Visual Force page and Custom Controller to do the callout and update of the .NET system.