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Missing Last 3 characters on Account.Id

I've built a custom s-control that links over to a website. This is what it looks like:
On my control.asp page I grab the aid and create a directory. I ran into a problem because I was creating duplicate directories for different accounts. After further research I found that the {!Account.Id} is missing the last three characters.
I've searched the discussion boards and found a few people with my problem but I couldn't find a resolution.
Question #1. Is there a unique field I can pass in a scontrol link?
Question #2. What good is Account.Id if it's missing part of the id?
Execute EZSAASExecute EZSAAS
you are not missing 3 characters - salesforce.com uses 2 versions for IDs - one is case sensitive (15 chars) and another is case insesitive (18 characters).
There is process for converting 15 into 18 and vice-versa.
Look at this posting for VB function that can help you.

How are you sourcing the AID? If you export data from Salesforce via the API (e.g. dataloader, connector) it will bring back the 18 character Id.
One alternative is to create a separate, numeric-only id in you can reference an Account with that will always be unique - this is useful if you are using Microsoft databases that get confused by the SF 15 char id.