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Single sign on and the office toolkit

Can the office toolkit (v3.0 or a future 4.0 release) be used with single sign on so that a user only needs to logon once to the application in an office edition enabled app such as the word addin that allows users to insert merge fields into a word document?  If so, any idea how?  If not, could an office app created with the office toolkit use a pure web service to do this in conjunction with vba toolkit code?

One option, though difficult, is to preserve the SessionId from one app to another (via registry or a known file location etc).


The webservice option is better but it requires that you actually have a local webservice you can use for SSO.

To get the toolkit to route to a different location for the login call, you need to add a reg key




ServerUrl point to your own webservice that can handle the standard salesforce soap 6.0 login request and response.


If you really want to go the extra mile, you can use NTLM to identify the user making the login call and log them in yourself, returning the session id and server url that was returned by salesforce…







so if we already have developed an sso local webservice let's say that is integrated with active directory, then we can add the registry key you mentioned and the office addin will use the website to login instead of the way it normally does... Then this would be pretty easy if we already had the sso webservice developed, right? (it is just a reigstry entry change)

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That’s right, only change required is a reg.