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PHP - Future of Toolkit development


I wanted to bring this up in the public forum because I am a little worried about the future of the toolkit.  I know that you have spent countless hours developing it and probably not all work time.  I am however worried about the future development and changes to the API.  I know that there is not a PHP session at DF 08' this year and when you told me that is when I started to worry.  I understand that Salesforce is moving forward with the technology that is available on your platform, but there a lot of developers that depend on the toolkit.  I understand that the toolkit is somewhat open source, but there has been no discussion on it's future development. 

I would like to get other developers feedback on this and your input too, it would greatly appreciated.

Mike Simonds
Senior Developer
Maxim Int Products
Tran ManTran Man
Great timing.

I've been overseeing (not actually coding) development on the latest version, and I will report that we about to release another version soon.  We'll be checking it into a SVN repository and hope that members of the community like yourself will help to maintain and extend it.

Stay tuned!
Thanks Nick for the update, I appreciate, as others will, your efforts behind this

Thank you Nick. Without the interaction we have with you, we would be twice as lost as we already are ;)

Thanks again,