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Salesforce Php Toolkit 13.0 download contains 11.0

I just downloaded the 13.0 download from here http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/PHP_Toolkit and it's exactly the same as my old version. In class SforceBaseClient it still says protected $version = '11.0'; and I find no changes with a diff to the 11.0b download


Has anyone else come across this? Are there any other toolkit download sites?


Thank you


Laura Williams, Cambrian House

In case anyone comes across this, 13.1 has fixed upsert() ('Contact' not hardcoded, now takes a type parameter) and invalidateSessions(no longer throws an exception); both issues exist in 13.0.  There are still a few issues with the 13.1 release (fieldsToNull will not take an array, because it's not handled by the Toolkit before being injected into the SOAP message, and not all SOAP headers get attached as defined in the XML).