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Hi All ,


For connecting two systems for integration, which Oauth mechaninsm will be the best .




User in x system will not be user's in Y system.Basically ,no common users.Both the systems are independent and I am trying to connect them .



1)Since users in both the systems are not common,so can sombody tell me the best Oauth which I can use.


I was thinking that,for example ,I can create a new user account in salesforce and then I can use that user name ,password and security token in the code in other system to get session id.So any user in y system logs in  and generate some event then based on that event ,code in the background will execute, which will connect to saleforce using salesforce username,password and  and token mentioned in the code and  this will happen in the background.



Another alternative which may not work in this scenario.


Since users in x system and Y system are not common ,therefore, user in system y cannot be presented with the salesforce login screen where user will punch in its credentials and then salesforce authorizing it  .Am I thinking right ?


Please suggests?


What do u think should be the best Authorization mechaniosm when user are not common to both the systems.






I need little more details in order to suggest you better:

1) Are the x and Y systems salesforce orgs or some other applications?

2) If x and Y are not salesforce orgs, how many salesforce orgs do you have from where you wish to authenticate users?


Hi Vinita,


Thanks for your reply.

 I am connecting salesforce with peoplesoft system.I have one salesforce org and another peoplesoft system.We will be exchanging data between the two systems and it wll be the bi-directional flow of the data between the syystems.Can u please suggests Oauth mechanisn.I am thinkigo another mechaninms.I give Salesforce WSDL file to the peoplssoft guy and now he can use login Api to connect to the salesforce  and then using session id to do subsequent request.


Can u suggests or help?.










For integrations, a standard SOAP login() API call should meet your requirements, get the session ID and then use it for subsequent API calls.