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John in SFJohn in SF 

My Developer Universe

Hello, I have a couple of very basic inquiries and hope for help.

First, I have my developer account and want to share it with collegues ASAP. But first I want to accomplish a couple of things.


1) I want the universe to resemble the Non Profit Universe. How might I accomplish this?

2) I'd like to hide many of the non core objects.

3) Set up the chat and invite them


Pretty simple right! 



John in San Francisco

Kalpana ReddyKalpana Reddy

Universe? you mean Organization? I don't think we have anythign at the Org level set that as non-profit org.

May be a custom field?


you can hide the visibility of the objects to profiles. so when you create the users assign them a profile which has

access to only objects you want them to view.


salesforce chatter should work for collaboration.



John in SFJohn in SF

Ah thanks! you are right! I've set up the developer 'Org' but understand that when a real world organization qualifies for the 10 free licenses they may chose between the 'Non profit' org and the standard org. How do I set up a developer org so that it looks like the non profit org?


thanks for the response.