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Not able to delete the Opportunities with Closed Won stage in batch process using CLI

Hi all,


I used CLI to perform Batch upload and deletion of records from my Developer Environment.


I tried to upload data to objects with parent child relationship (Ex: Accounts and Opportunity) at a time and i am able to upload records in both accounts and Opportunities to those accounts.


But i tried to delete Accounts and opportunities in one go since they are related right. but the accounts which are having opportunities with stage other that "Closed WOn" stage only got deleted.


Accounts which are having opportunities with "Closed Won" stage are not getting deleted.


Anyone pls explain why this happens




This issue arise in both case opportunity and case for account.

If  opportunity stage is "closed won" or case status is "closed"  then in both cases we are not able to delete the account.

For this we have to delete opportunity and then we delete the account. 


Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved.




Hi Ankit,


Thanks for your reply.


But I have already tried this, I am trying to find out why we cant able to delete the Accounts which are having Opportunities with stage as "Closed won" or "closed in one go.


I was trying to do this in single go like in a batch for scheduled data loading.






For this we do one thing, update stage of opporunity closed won to ant other stage and then delete them in batch.