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Remote Access Applications - Cached Settings

Hi, I'm accessing the Salesforce REST API using OAuth. Everything is working, but I noticed that if I change the Callback URL in the Remote Access Application settings, it seems to take a while to refresh. Does anyone know if that setting is cached? Or maybe it just takes a while to save the changes? Thanks for any info.




This issue comes when your Development Mode is active. So please make it inactive.

For this go to Personal Setup->Personal Information->Edit (Now inactive your Development Mode.).


Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved. 




Thanks for your reply. I checked the setting you suggested but it was already turned off. I am using a developer account though, so maybe it behaves as if the developer mode is still enabled?


If that's the case, is this a bug or just the way developer accounts are handled? I was totally hosed by this behaviour while presenting to a client, so I'd like to be able to offer an explanation. Thanks!


Hi - I'm using the Chatter REST API and noticed the same thing as I was testing/moving things around.  I changed the Callback URL, ran my program right away, and got an authentication error.  Ten or fifteen minutes later though, it was fine.  My guess, like you said, is caching.  It would be great if someone with authority could weigh in though!  :)