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Ankit AroraAnkit Arora 

Connection from Salesforce to Bhoomi



Is there any way to connect from Salesforce to bhoomi.

As there is way to connect from Bhoomi to salesforce, but i want to send data from salesforce to FTP VIA Bhoomi.

If any one know about this please reply.


Thanks in advance.


Hi there, do you mean http://www.boomi.com/ ?

We have done an integration for salesforce using boomi. its really easy. Boomi has a Salesforce connecter you easily configure to get/upsert/delete data into or from salesforce

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora



Thanks, but I know the process to connect Bhoomi to Salesforce.

But I want to initiate Bhoomi process from Salesforce via Outbound message or Trigger or any workflow(Any how).

What exactly I want to do is on new opportunity creation I want to send that record data in FTP through Bhoomi.

I have a process which interact to FTP in Bhoomi, but want to initiate that process from salesforce.

Any ideas.


Thanks in advance

Ankit Arora


Hi Ankit, 

Sorry i didn't realise , this is something I have been wanting to do too but have not tried it yet. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. 

Have you checked the Boomi forums? Also if you initiate a chat with one of the Boomi techs they may be able to show you


best of luck


Ankit AroraAnkit Arora



No proper info is given on forums. Will try to talk to bhoomi tech as you said.



Ankit Arora




Were you able to get this done? If you could pass any info that will be great.



Laura BeesonLaura Beeson
Its actually quite simple to trigger a Boomi process from salesforce... 
Laura BeesonLaura Beeson
We have several Apex Classes to trigger a boomi process.  Use HttpRequest()
Nabi ShaikNabi Shaik
Ankit Arora
I know it's a very long time to give a reply to your Question.

I have done the same Task to trigger my Boomi Listener process when a new object is created or existing one updated.  if it's your requirement below points will help if needed still.

1. Create a simple workflow rule from the setup tab.
2, Configure a new outbound message with the Boomi Endpoint URL.
3. Build one Boomi Listener process.

whenever you create a new object. your Boomi process will trigger automatically.

Hope all my points will help you. Let me know if you need more info on this.

Nabi Shaik