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David GreenbergDavid Greenberg 

Gig: Apex code deployment mini-training

This is a one-time gig.  I am looking for an Apex developer with the following skills:

-- Experience with deploying Apex code (e.g. triggers) from a development Org to a production Org

I would like to hire this person to provision my environment to push code that I have written into production.

Initially, this will be for my own Org, but eventually, I would like to use the same methodology for all of our clients.  My preference is to use a GoTo meeting or similar to walk through the process.

I have tried several times without success to create a deployment; in the interest of saving time, therefore, I would like to hire someone to assist.

If you are interested in this gig, please respond with your contact information, along with how and how much you will charge for this work.

Thank you!
We have Salesforce pros on our team who can deliver all that you are looking for. Please contact me at patty@crm-advantage.com