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Apex Developer Wanted

Apex Developer


You will be responsible for adding new features to a contract management product using Salesforce Apex and VisualForce technologies.   We are currently looking for either a full time employees or a consultant.  




  • Understand the requirements behind new product features from product management
  • Fix bugs in existing Apex code and develop new product features using the Apex and Visual Force Toolkits
  • Create Apex and Visual Force code to implement new functions in the product


  • Minimum 1 years experience with Apex code
  • Minimum 3 years experience with Java
  • Knowledge of the Salesforce API required
  • Knowledge of Java and object oriented concepts required
  • Ability to quickly turn around new features and test thoroughly
  • Ability to work independently on product enhancements

     Please respond to jobs at apttus dot com


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