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Voices.com Email-To-Case Implementation


Company Overview
Voices.com is an awarding winning web service that provides an online marketplace where businesses connect with professional voice actors to complete multimedia projects such as radio and television commercials, recordings business telephone systems, and even characters for video games.

To implement the Email-To-Case functionality offered by Salesforce to better manage our support inquiries.

Current Practice
Currently, Voices.com is taking advantage of Case routing, assignment and workflow rules.  Our primary support email ( support @ voices.com ) handles most inquiries.  We've installed the EmailAgent, however we have yet to make this feature work correctly.

To debug ( or do a fresh install ) of the EmailAgent.

To achieve this goal, Voices.com will work closely with a Salesforce.com developer who has:
  • Knowledge of the Salesforce.com Email-To-Case and EmailAgent
  • Experience with installing Email-To-Case for other Salesforce implementation
  • Adheres to best practices of Information Architecture such as file naming, field naming, field mapping

  • Fully deploy the Email-To-Case functionality by February 8, 2008
Next Steps

If you are interested in this project, reply to david@voices.com or via Private Message with your proposed quote, and the details of your successful installation.

Thank you kindly,

David Ciccarelli
Chief Executive Officer
519-858-5071 x 111


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