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Independent consultant available at affordable rate

I configured, implemented, and supported Salesforce.com for 200+ users in Sales and Support. I have over 20 years of CRM and I/T experience. If you are looking for a remote SF Administrator to assist in your SF configuration, extensions, or ongoing administration, please contact me with your requirements at info@dfgsolutions.com. I will accept small projects. 


My Salesforce.com expertise includes this and more:

  • Customization of standard objects such as accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, cases
  • Creation of custom objects and their relationships 
  • Customization and/or creation of new page layouts
  • Setup custom reports, email templates, documents, dashboards, tabs
  • Setup workflow, validation, approval rules
  • Setup case record types, case queues, case assignment rules 
  • Enterprise level security, user security profiles, role hierarchies
  • Importing and exporting of data for data migration
  • Data cleanup and standardization using Demand Tools (third-party license required) 
  • Ongoing user administration

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Do you know how to access SFDC HTML email templates via a backend?
Sorry, that is not one my specialties, but thanks for asking.
I suggest you call Astadia or Appirio, both of whom have Developers on staff.