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Junction Objects



I am trying to use Junction Object to create a many-to-many relationship. However I am not sure if JO would solve my problem. 


I have two objects Transport and Cases. Within the Cases there is a multi pick list filed (Feedback For) where you can choose the Transports that the feedback is for.  I.e.... EWA, PAR. ...


On the Transport page I want to show the Cases that the Feedback-For is for that specific transport record.


I.e... A case has been created, the EWA and DHL selected from the Feedback For filed. This case record should show under EWA and DHL Transport records but not PAR or others.


Does JO solve this problem or I should write Apex trigger for this.



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Yes this requirement can be achieved by creating a junction object for establishing man-to-many relationship between Transport and cases.


Please refer below document for further details: