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Can you add/sum picklist values?

Hi, I have 4 required picklists on a detail page and each picklist has the values (1,2,3,4,N/A). At the bottom of the page, I have a text input field to hold the total sum of all 4 picklists. I want to add up the values of all the picklists and write it to a another input value on page when the user clicks save. Can this be done?


Yes, this can be done. You need to create a formula field that will sum up the values selected in your picklists. Here is a sample of how the formula will look like:


VALUE(TEXT(Picklist_A__c)) + VALUE(TEXT(Picklist_B__c))


Key here is that you have to first use the TEXT function to convert the picklist value to a Text value, so that it can be used in a formula (without using ISPICKVAL), and then use the VALUE function to convert it back to a Number. Also, your Forumla data type should be Number.


Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes!

Kamatchi Devi SargunanathanKamatchi Devi Sargunanathan


Hi ,


You can use formula field to achieve this type of requirement. Try the following.

It cannot be saved to the input fields like Number/Text data type field, because you are using picklist value for adding.


Try the following,

IF(AND(ISPICKVAL( Amount1__c , 'N/A'),ISPICKVAL( Amount2__c , 'N/A')), null,
          IF(ISPICKVAL( Amount1__c , 'N/A'), VALUE( TEXT(Amount2__c)),
              IF(ISPICKVAL( Amount2__c , 'N/A'),VALUE( TEXT(Amount1__c)), null )


In the above example, I have two picklist values Amount1__c and Amount2__c. Amount1__c has the values as 1000, 2800, 2300 and N/A.  And Amount2__c has the values 5000, 9100, 8200 and N/A.


So, the above formula checks the two picklist values and if any one of the field has N/A means the other value is given as output to the formula. If both has number values, then it will add those two and give a output.


You need to follow this formula condition for 4 picklist.


Hope this will help you...!


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