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AggregateResult issues

 I am trying for the first time to use the group by function in SOQL. However I am getting the following error with the code I have:


"Sobject constructor must use name=value pairs"


Here is my code:


List<OpportunityLineItem> myOCR;

public List<OpportunityLineItem> getOpportunity() {
if (myOCR == null) { AggregateResult[] myOCR = [Select SUM(ProductTotal__c), SUM(Supplier_Price__c), Opportunity.Sales_Initials__c from                     OpportunityLineItem where opportunity.closedate = YESTERDAY group by Opportunity.Sales_Initials__c ];
for (AggregateResult ar : myOCR) {
myOCR.add(new OpportunityLineItem(string.valueof(myOCR.get('Opportunity.Sales_Initials__c')),



return myOCR;


It is indicating the error is coming from "myOCR.add(new ......." Line


Any Help?


Thank you,


Yes the error is in this line.


  new OpportunityLineItem(


I see that you are creating new OpportunityLineItems by passing the values directly in the Constructor of the OpportunityLineItem.


Instead of that you should pass name value pairs.

For instance, if i want to create a new account and then pass the values for the new account in the constructor, i will have to use the syntax:


Account a = new Account(name = 'Acme', billingcity = 'San Francisco');


So while creating your new OpportunityLineItem, specify the field name to which the value you passed belongs.



Satish Kumar
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