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Ramakrishnan AyyanarRamakrishnan Ayyanar 

How to Access Communities through API?

Any one please help to me. How to Access  Communities through API?.


I needed Soap protocol using in the API.




Winter ‘14 has improved API support for Communities.
Some of the updates include:
• Access the SOAP or REST API through the community endpoint URL. To do so, you must have an API session. Login
is not supported.
• AJAX Toolkit support
• Streaming API support within a community
• Chatter REST API support for Communities Moderation.


Community is the object on which you will make DMLs. Ex in REST API: /services/data/v28.0/connect/communities/0DMZ00000008OrA/chatter/feed-items/0D5Z000000JDivyKAD


Refer chapter5: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/chatterapi/salesforce_chatter_rest_api.pdf