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How to use our preexist pdfs as knowledge base articles in salesforce

We have some PDFs already and want to use them as a knowledge base article in salesforce.com.

We have one option to upload file (datatype in Article Type object) but this sends a link of file to our customer.

My question is can we send that PDF as knowledge base article as a attachment in email to customer?


Hey Nikhil,


Have to already uploaded these PDFs as Knowledgebase articles in salesforce?


If your agents have these PDFs handy on their desktop - they can simply add these as a attachments in the email being sent to user - only if the attachment is more than 3 MB will it be sent as a HTML link otherwise it will remain in PDF format.


If you have imported these PDFs in Salesforce as Articles - you can follow the steps in the doc to send the article as a PDF:



Hope I understood your issue and the info helps! 


Let me know if something is not clear..

Naveen KNNaveen KN

Effective ways to export articles from Salesforce sandbox 

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