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Kiran  KurellaKiran Kurella 

SFDC Consulting Services Available

Hi there
We are a consulting company based in the bay area, specialized in providing SFDC configuration/development solutions.
We have provided SFDC Administration and Custom Programming with S-Controls, Adobe Flex, Apex and Visual Force for various major clients in USA/Canada.
We can undertake the following tasks.
 1. New Visual Force Pages/Apex  Development.
 2. Fix/Enhance Existing Visual Force Pages.
 3. Enhance existing SControls/Fix Bugs in it.
 4. Create New Triggers/Fix Bugs in Trigger/Deploy them into Production.
 5. Customize SFDC for your requirements.
        a. Create New Custom Objects/Page Layouts/Custom Reports
        b. Portal Management.
        c. Workflow Rules/Approval Processes.
        d. Web2Lead Management.
        e. eMail2Case Management.
        f. Assignment Rules
        g. Any other Customization Tasks.
 6. Data Management.
        a. Fix Existing Data for New requirements.
        b. Provide Mass Update Solutions.
        c. Any other data related tasks.
 7. Scheduling Jobs.
        a. Cron Jobs.
        b. DotNet based Scheduling Tasks.
        c. Any apex code which cannot be implemented by normal means because of governor limits.
 8. Adobe Flex/AIR based applications support(Charts & UI).
 9. Excel VBA based application support.
We received good appreciations from our clients for our quality work delivered on time and for after delivery support.
Our clients are impressed about our competitive rates.We can provide references.
Please email us to discuss further.


Message Edited by CodeWizard on 11-09-2009 11:17 AM
Great service, quick response, and nailed the required code on the first draft.  Highly recommend!!