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Experienced Salesforce .NET and PHP developer available for consulting and freelance work

I am an experienced Salesforce and .NET developer with over 10 years of experience in the IT field.  Most recent projects include building external applications that interface with Salesforce via the Salesforce API as well as customizing Salesforce using APEX, triggers, and VisualForce.
I am currently available for part time and freelance work.  I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my experiences developing and integrating with the force.com platform and how I could help you on your next development project.




Where are you located?  We are seeking resources in San Francisco, DC and Dallas.   Also, do you have any experience with Cast Iron?


  Kristine RobertsonHuman Resources & Recruiting

972.865.1476 Direct



You location and rate please.



I am located in the NY Metro area but am available to work remote on projects outside of the area.


As for rates, please leave your contact info or send an email to info@graytechnology.com and I will provide this information.



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Thanks, you can reach me at thussain@zarband.com

We are looking for an experienced Force.com developer for an upcomping project.


pawan npawan n
I am looking for parttime freelance projects in sales force. I am having 10 years in .net and 4.6 years in sales force. Let me know. you can drop me an email - pawanns@gmail.com