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is Office Toolkit v4 a supported product?

I've been using the Office toolkit for a long time, and the documentation certainly implies that it's a supported product (see the bottom of page 11 of the latest rev of the manual)...


But when I filed a case with SFDC, after several days they came back and indicated the toolkit was unsupported.




Did you metion that the docs say its a supported product ?


The docs say this (bottom of page 11):


Office Toolkit Support Policy
When a new version of the Office Toolkit is released, it becomes the supported version, and earlier releases are not supported.


That's not explicitly saying "this is a supported product," but it certainly means it :smileytongue:



Indeed. did you get a case number? am trying to track down someone to take ownership of your case.

Mihir Mehta 11Mihir Mehta 11
Superfell - What was the conclusion on this case? Is Office Toolkit a supported product ? 
Sales LogistixSales Logistix
Even if this had been a supported product back when I filed the case 4+ years ago (and I was eventually told by an honest SFDC person "nah..."), it is inconceivable to me that it is supported now.

Everything has moved on to JSON...so if you want to do something from older MSoffice products, the toolkit still works (sort of)...but if it blows up there is essentially no recourse.