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Best Practices - Agile & SFDC Development

I'm looking for best practices advice.

We have an team of developers enhancing our instance of Salesforce.  We're using the Scrum development methodology.

What we're struggling with is how best to include QA into our process.

Currently, sprints are VERY developer heavy and VERY QA testing back heavy.  Basically the developers lob their code changes over the wall for the qa guy to test.

This stinks for resource planning as it makes burndown charts very deceptive (lots to do at the last minute).

How are other groups incorporating QA into their sprints so that the workflow is more even?

Any advice or best practices is much appreciated!


We actually have a webinar coming up on this topic very soon:




I saw that, but feared it would be the same presentation as at DF10.  Do you happen to know if it is the same?


I haven't seen the dryrun yet but I will be pushing from fresh content.


We have been putting Scrum teams in place that incorporate the QA skills at the beginning.  Get the QA individual to participate in the development of tasks to complete user stories.  They can contribute in defining acceptance criteria for each task, as the task is developed.  When the testing and aceptance of each task is understood ahead of time, then the amount of work for each task is better understood and the understanding of what "done" means is better understood.  Some times this is an organizational and attitude issue, since QA and Developers traditionally have been adversarial.  Getting them to work together at the beginning of the process is preventative.