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Kalle KalifKalle Kalif 

Creating custom object from existing SQL server table



I am new to salesforce, and have been trying for a while now to figure out if its possible to create a custom object based on an existing table in my sql server database. I want to do this automatically because the table has 200+ fields, and it would be inefficient to create 200+ custom fields i guess. So: can i replicate the existing fields as custom fields in a custom object in salesforce?

Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

There is a Metadata API which allows developers to create/edit/update custom objects and fields which you can leverage to do this, although the work to develop a custom solution is probably more than what it would take to just create the objects yourself.


Secondly, the AppExchange has a couple applications which can do this type of activity for you.


One application is called "Cloud Converter". If you can dump your SQL table into an Excel Spreadsheet, Cloud Converter can build the Objects and Fields for you in Salesforce from an Excel Spreadsheet.

Kalle KalifKalle Kalif

Thanks. I decided to simply create the object myself, instead of spending a lot of time figuring out how to do it in a "smoother" way. Will look into the appexchange next time.