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Calling external web service from Salesforce without authentication

I want to call java web service from salesforce using Apex Callout with WSDL2APEX but getting error :


IO Exception: Read timed out


I want to that is there any way to invoke the external web service with out doing authentication because my java application is accessible directly without user name and password.


Please help on me.


Note: Response time of web service is very fast. And already set the URL in Remote Site Setting.

Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

If you have a unsecure web service callout in Apex you shouldn't need to do anything special. If you already have the Remote Site settings configured you should be ok if the external WS doesn't require authentication.


In your Java Web Service, are you sure its getting called? Do you have debug statements in your Apex and your external Java WS to ensure the communication it taking place?


Are you sure your pointing to correct endpoint URL? Check your generated Apex WSDL classes to ensure your not pointing to localhost when you need to be pointing to your deployed WS.


It looks like the salesforce servers aren't able to connect to your web service. Did you verify it is available to the public?