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Saving customer information in Client's database instead of Salesrooms database

I have come across a situation where I have to enter customer information in Account object. But there are some sensitive information about the customer like SSN id, Credit card number etc..


So I have to store above mentioned sensitive information in client database instead of Salesrooms database and rest of the non sensitive information in salesforce database.


Could anyone provide me idea that how to save information separately in client local database and salesforce database?





You can do this using hidden filelds that is you can make those fields hidden 

for those profileswhich you dont want to how and enable those fields on the profile 

where you need to show. 


Because you cant avoid them from storing in to salesforce database.





Thank u so much for reply..


But I do not want to save any sensitive information on Salesforce server...  Making the fields hidden from particular user will not work in this case because in this case, sensitive data will be stored in Salesforce server which I don't want.


I have to avoid the sensitive information from being saved into Salesforce server.  Please suggest.

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

This is strange as Salesforce is well know to keep the data secure. And if you don't want user to see the data saved in records then you can use Encrypted Fields :




Now if you also don't want to save the data in encrypted format also then create a visualforce page to display the UI and use Apex controllers to get the data and send it to your server using APIs. For this you need to integrate your server with salesforce organization.


Visualforce page will only have inputText which will provide you the data in form of text and without saving it in salesforce server you can send it to your server.




Ankit Arora

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I also agree with you that Salesforce is well known for data security but it is law of government that customer important information should not store outside the country. As per your suggestion, if we encrypt the required field, it will not solve the problem because data can be decrypted back also easily as decryption logic will also be there in Salesforce..


I understood that to implement the requirement, I have to develop the Apex code and Visualforce pages.  I want to know that to send some fields to other server, do I have to send the required field to be stored in XML to other server? If yes then please suggest how.



In Salesforce API document, I could find the information for invoking the external web service only and display the data accordingly but not for my requirement. How should I proceed? Please suggest.


Salesforce.com has been on the cloud since 2004.


No security issues cases have been logged till now.











Salesforce.com is ISO 27001 certified company. Better go through the links for more information.



Dont hesitate to store data in Cloud.












I totally agree with you.. But it is government rule that customer sensitive information should not go outside the country.


I can't save some customer data on cloud. I have to save it in client's database.  Is there any way to implement it?





No chances for your requirement.









Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

Yes you can do it no issue in it ,


just when you save other information , call a webservice method on remote site which takes your secure data as input , in your webservice method save your secure data to some local data base in a table.


I hope you get this approach.




Please refer the following link for the Integration purpose.


I think this helps you.