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Need help creating custom object in PHP?



I'm newbie to this Salesforce.co and PHP, i created a sample custom object following this link




after creating this i'm getting output as "SSL support is not available in this build" can anyone help me to rectify this problem.And can any one post how to create a standard object using PHP?


For example i want to create a contact object in PHP can any one help me to do this?



Thanks in Advance.


Message Edited by Coder on 07-17-2009 09:09 PM
The SSL message is being generated by PHP. Your version of PHP does not have SSL enabled, which is required, along with SOAP.  You can turn both of these on by altering the php.ini file. Check the Toolkit documentation on setting up PHP.
Thnk you very much for ur reply i already gone through the toolkit documentation and enabled all the dll files but still i'm getting the same problem.