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SOQL not giving custom objects.

Ok, I've dug around the docs, and I'm sure this is easy, but I couldn't find it.


Here's my query... run in PHP. 


$query = "Select FirstName, LastName, Email, AltEmail__c, Phone, AltPhone__c, Fax__c, Street, City, State, PostalCode  from Lead where Id = '".$_GET['affid']."'"; 


I do a var_dump on the results, and all of the built-in fields have data, but all of the custom fields aren't even returned.

I get no error from SF.

I ran the exact same query in Apex Explorer 8, and the data is there.

Any idea?


Oh, and a second easy question,  select * from table gives me unexpected token.  Have they disabled returning every column, so you MUST name them out one by one?




You need to download & use a current WSDL for your login.


select * is not supported.