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Chirag MehtaChirag Mehta 

Workbench Tool - Auto Sign-In or Auto Populate Session Id

I am trying to provide direct access to Workbench application from right inside of Salesforce Org in form or Web-Tab or Home Page link. I tried creating URL of following sorts, but neither helped me to successfully login or at least pre-populate the sessionid

http://workbench/login.php?login_type=adv&usernameStd=&passwordStd=&actionJumpStd=select.php&sessionId={!API.Session_ID}&inst=login&endp=17.0&actionJumpAdv=select.php&loginClick=Login http://workbench/login.php?sessionId={!API.Session_ID}

It seem's something something tricky and trivial is missing.
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Workbench supports many advanced login options, including what you are looking to do. The simplist form would just be:




For additional options and detailed restrictions, please see the " Can I auto-login with advanced settings or other programmatic alternatives?" FAQ here: