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Via the API, How do you see Custom Settings?

I have a custom setting that I want to be able to see the value of via the API.


"Custom settings that have Privacy defined as Public are exposed to the API in the same way custom objects are exposed."


But how do I match that to the user I'm logged in as?  It's not like the Id's returned are the same as ProfileIds.


Does the userId of the script you are logging into have API access? If so you may be able to query the object to obtain the value of the field you are looking at.

there are some objects that cannot be accessed via the API, but if it is a custom object, you should be able to see it.


regular users usually do not have API access, that is only for administrators. I am not sure but I do not think that you can grant regular users API access


Don't hold me to that answer though



Novo ArtisNovo Artis

Just to clarify.


Non-administrators can have API access enabled.