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Uploading fixed width text files into salesforce through a job which runs overnight

Hi ,


I have fixed width text files coming from a legacy system every day...

Is there any process where I can read the data from these fixed width text files and uplaod  into salesforce. I want to run them using a job which runs overnight and i have to monitor the job. 


Any help is greatly appreciated.




Yes, you can, but the exact answer depends on a few questions, such as how you intend to automate the delivery of the file, the size of the file, etc. Some possible solutions include: forward an email to salesforce.com, use a REST call to deliver the file to salesforce, use the bulk API to upload the data, etc.

Scott HolmanScott Holman

I use the sf dataloader, windows batch files and the windows server 2k8 taskscheduler. If I need to preprocess the file I write a console program in C#.  You can take a similar approach in linux using freely available tools.