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Guidance in report



I have created a summary report where I have grouped the values based on Account name.


The main requirement is to find the precentage of accounts which have used atleast one case


Here when I am trying to group using accounts so that my report will look like



Account name(XXXX)(2 records)


       Case number        Case used

          YYYYY                          1

           YYYYY                          1


Account name(ZZZZ)(2 records)


       Case number        Case used

           AAAAA                         1

           AAAAA                          1


Now two account have used atleast 1 case. There may be accounts without using cases also. In that case how can I get the number of accounts those who used a single case.


if 2 among 3 accounts used cases then I need a percentage 2/3 = 66.67%


How to make this possible?





Mohit JainMohit Jain

This is possible if you create a custom report type with primary object as account and secondary object as cases.

Now create a report on the newly created report type and include all accounts in your report.

Create a formula field at grand summary level on the report to evaluate the percentage.


Hi Sai, 


You may create a report | Reports | new Report | Customer Service Reports | Cases | Summary Reports | Drag and Drop case numbers then Account above that. 


This will give you the list and number of cases under noe Account. 


Regarding the % you may have to create a hidden Custom Rollup Summary Field on  Account.