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Developer Console Removing New Code

Hi All,


Just want to share my concerns with the Developer Console. 

Yesterday I was working on some Classes and Triggers but I needed to start coding 3 times (I know right?).


When I was working and writing code, I continuously saved the code and performed some testing. All seemed to be fine until on one moment, the code I had written an hour before, disappeared. Reopening the console, looking in Eclipse, checking on the Admin Menu, nothing. Developments just disappeared. 


This happened to me 3 times!!!! Luckily I started to save my code using Eclipse and Subversion. But nevertheless, quiet annoying and not motivating in using this tool.


Any ideas what could be the problem or just a general issue?


For your information: was using latest version of Chrome/FireFox (both same problem). Internet connection was up.


Kind Regards,



Hi Robin, 


Did you try refreshing the browser cache and temp which might be causing this problem. 


(Adding related links,







Hi Ashish,

Thanks for the Reply.
Yes, I saw the above related Links. Most of these problems I can find back as well. But I still have my issue where suddenly my code just dissappeared.

I've had it today again whilst writing a test class. Code was gone, luckily when re-opening the Developer console, everything was back.

Refreshing the Browser Cache did not help (also read in other Topics that the Developer console doesn't use the Cache for saving code?)

Kind Reards,
Thomas DvornikThomas Dvornik

Hey Robin,


Sorry to hear you have been running into this issue. We have heard reports of this from a couple people. I have ran into this once, but have not been able to reproduce again. For, the code didn't disapper but got replaced with an older version... I tried to debug this several times, but without a repro I haven't had much luck.


Will you see if there is a javascript exception? I don't think there will be. I think this is most likely a race condition of some sort, or some bad state in the console. If you can, try to remember what you were doing when it happened and let me know. Maybe you typed something, paused for a second or two, hit save, switched bottom panels, then the code replaced. Something like that. If it happens when doing different actions (flows), let me know that as well.


Thanks for posting the problem. The more information we get, the sooner we can resolve it.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply!

What I can remember is that I was writing code, hit the Save button using the Shortcut Key, switched from Browser Window to test the code, look into the Debug Logs and got back to the code. Not sure if there are anymore details like switching from panels in the console.

I will keep it in mind if it reoccurs and will let you know immediately.


Kind Regards,



Hi Thomas,


Issue reappeared. 

No JS Exception or so, but I performed following steps:

- Wrote code for a Test Class and Saved (using short key: CTRL + S)

- Run Test from the Console, checked in the belowe Pane the "Test" section and double clicked on the failed Test. 

- Double Clicked again on the failed test to open up the Debug window, searched using filter on Debug

- Went back the Test Class and code was back at an earlier revision (much earlier).


Thanks again!



Hi Robin, 


Thank you very much bringing this to our notice and posting here. 


We will check if that helps us track the issue. 




Hi, any update on this.  I am experiencing the same outcome today in chrome (is this the best browser for Developer Console?).
Write a few lines of code.
click on File -> Save.
Wait for the save to complete.
Problem Outcome 1: When the save completes the source window is reloaded with a previous version.
Problem Outcome 2: The save goes into never never land, cancel all deployments, app displays message saying save could not complete reload lastest version? click yes, the version I was trying to save loads in the code window and looks like it has been saved (no asterisk, Save is enabled as an option from the File menu.), but after closing the file and re-opening it a previous version is loaded.

I'm usually good for about 3 or 4 saves and then I need to exit all Chrome windows and start over.

Is anybody still using the DeveloperConsole for development?  This app has (or tried to) thrown away several hours worth of my work over the last few weeks.  If you are not using DeveloperConsole what are you using?