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Speed Issues

I am creating a new front-end using the sforce API for the company I work for, but am finding there are some speed problems when running queries using the web-service. I am developing using C# and ASP.NET. Would anyone have any ideas on how to increasing speed... is it possible to have an application (using the web service) to be as fast as the Salesforce.com website?


Thanks in advance,



Hi tym,

You will never achieve the same speed as the app.  The process of exposing functions via the api necessarily adds layers that must be traversed.  Having said that, the difference should not be great.  You will probably want to do a fair amount of caching to increase performance.  Some functions are faster than others.  For instance, the retrieve will give better performance than query.  By intelligently caching ids, you can use retrieve for a lot of the data retrieval after some initial queries.  It's more of an art than anything.

Also, compression can provide additional performance gains.  Currently, we support service to client compression and will in the next release support 2-way compression.  There is a tech note on compression in .Net in the resources section that may be of interest.