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Need developer - send data from shopping cart to SF- create account, opp, products



We need a developer to create an API that pushes data after the sale to Salesforce. Would need to create a new Account/Contact, Opportunity, and product line items.  There are a few other details that we would need to be handled but that's the basics.  We want this to push in real time or at end of day.


We use Shopsite as our ecommerce platform. Here are there API specs: http://shopsite.com/developer_tools.html


We would have some additional development as we slowly build out things but this would be stage 1.




Kris Olson





Hello Kayo,


I'm a developer with a lot of experience connecting websites to Salesforce.

I also have experience programming PERL which can be used fot the component you want to call SFDC in real time.


I can be contacted at sfdc.coder@gmail.com






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