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Announcement: Salesforce.com & Force.com Jobs Group @ oDesk

We've learned that finding and hiring developers to work on small integrations and freelance projects are a challenge to customers and partners. That's why we're partnering with oDesk, a marketplace for outsourced services, to bring you the Salesforce.com & Force.com Group at oDesk.


Please sign up for the Salesforce.com & Force.com Jobs Group at oDesk, and let us know what you think about it! 

I've looked at the group, but what I see is that the average pay rate for these jobs is around $10 per hour. I guess that is the focus though, outsourcing to lower wage companies so that US companies don't have to pay US cost of living rates. I don't see how this is a benefit to SFDC partners, nor US based developers. You wrote that hiring developers to work on small integration and freelance projects was a challenge for customers and partners, but I don't see how that could be. There are many developers listed right here within the SFDC community, as well as many websites in search engine results and pay-per click advertising. If you edited what you wrote to specify "challenge finding $10 per hour SFDC developers" that I would understand.

Dutton, thanks for your feedback. As you know, we are a growing platform and our customers and partners have a variety of needs. The oDesk group gives some of them the option of hiring from a pool that may be a better fit for some of their needs. We are also a global community and have talented and enterprising members all over the world. Averages and first impressions are often misleading – there are many providers on oDesk, as well as on the other jobs communities you mention, who make a much higher rate than that by virtue of the quality and professionalism of their service. We just want for our community members, customer and partners to forge profitable, successful relationships, because that’s how we define out own success . The oDesk group is one step in that direction.


If you have further concerns, please contact us at developerforce@salesforce.com.

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Saurabh GuptaSaurabh Gupta
Hi Kingsley,

Is this group still in operation. Whenever i try to join this group, it takes me to a broken url 


This url isn't working.

Saurabh Gupta