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Apex Trigger

We are a very small consultancy that need some help on apex trigger.  It's a one off piece of work, and we don't have a large budget for this as this work is all proof of concept.




There are 3 custom objects in this process.


1. Checklist templates - Simple custom object

2. Steps - Related to a checklist through a look-up, steps records are saved against a checklist template building up a process

3. Checklist - Is related to both checklist templates, steps and the standard account object.


So you would create a checklist template like change of address.  Add the steps required to the checklist template through a related list.  


The next step is the bit we need help with.  The idea is to create a new checklist linked to account.  Then using a lookup relationship navigate to a checklist template for example change of address.


We need a trigger (we think) to pull through the steps from the checklist template and copy them to the checklist object.  The newly created checklist will allow a user to mark each step as completed and create checklists for other clients.


Whats required



  • Apex trigger (we think)
  • The trigger will run when somebody links a client template to a checklist
  • The process will copy the steps related to the checklist template and add the copies to the checklist object
  • As a secondary process we need an activity to be create for the checklist and to be recorded against an account



 Please respond to this post if your interested.




experience - 5 years of apex, visualforce, triggers, web services development


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