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How to get data from sforce with soap


Salesforce is very new to me and I want to get data from Salesforce. I searched the web and I found out i can use soap to do that, I downloaded a couple of sample code (nusoap or either pear soap) and I didn't know how i can get started and got the simple application to work. For example,
$sforce = new SoapClient("$url"); // obtain your own customized sforce.wsdl from sfroce.com

what should i put in that $url? any comment or help is appreciated


Could someone please help me?

thank you so much
Your best bet is to start with one of the open source PHP toolkits. They have lots of great example code to help you get started. Either one will work.

PHP Sforce:

Uses SOAP classes available via PEAR (http://pear.php.net/package/SOAP).


PHP Sforce Nusoap:

Uses NuSoap, an older, standalone SOAP implementation for PHP designed by NuSphere.