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Lead qualifier question text

We're successfully creating lead qualifier responses, but when they are displayed in www.salesforce.com in the lead, the question is displayed as an id instead of the question text. The answer text is displayed correctly. The objects we're creating look like this:

Array (
[type] => Lead_Qualifier_Response__c
[Leadid__c] => 00Q30000008CI9mEAG
[response_text__c] => Whatsamatta U
[question_text__c] => Bullwinkle's Alma Mater )

So in this example, instead of displaying "Bullwinkle's Alma Mater" as the question, it displays

What are we doing wrong?
Not 100% sure, but try:

1.) log into salesforce.com
2.) Setup->Extend->Custom Objects
3.) Click on "Lead Qualifier Response" in the related list
4.) Under "Search Layout", click "Edit" of the entry labeled "Lookup Dialogs".

In this section, it defines what appears in the related list on the Lead page. (At least, i think it does in your case.) You can customize the view, but you need to have "Lead Qualifier Response" as the default (which is probably a number or an autogen ID). You can add the question text along with it.

tell me if that helps.