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PHP 5 Toolkit 1.0.x now on SourceForge.net

We have moved the PHP 5 toolkit zip file to SourceForge.net.  Here is the URL:  http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=96634&package_id=183732

Changes in version 1.0.5:
* Fixed setClientID issue for Partners
* Updated documentation

Changes in version 1.0.4:
* Fixed setPassword and resetPassword methods.

Changes in version 1.0.3:
* Updated Create method to handle multiple records.
* Set the default encoding to UTF-8
* renamed constructor methods to __constructor

Changes in version 1.0.2:
* Updated Upsert and Update methods to handle multiple records.
* Added capability to specify Client ID for Partner Apps.
* Test fixes.
* Minor doc fixes.

Changes in version 1.0.1:
* Fixed query and queryMore to return all records (whether 1 or many) in an array.
* Consistent quotation marks.
* Moved getAccounts method to a separate file.
* Removed errant &=.
* Changed NULL checking to isset($variable).
* Updated sample code in documentation.
* Clear SOAP headers prior to logging in.

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