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Authenticated Salesforce user from ASP.net



I am new to Sales force and have been put under tight deadline to create a login module inside asp.net web application.


I need to capture text from user id and password textbox creates in asp.net page and authenticate them against our Sales force system(customer portal).


As i need to work in sandbox account i'm suppose to use the security token. i tried by using the wdsl file, but it ask for a security token. is there any other way to do the same for customer portal.


Any help or pointer would be highly appreciated.  I understand this is very basic level question but I am trying to get as much information I can get from all sources.


Sridhar BonagiriSridhar Bonagiri



If you org requires a security token, you have give the security token in the login credentials box , no other way to escape it, You can request salesforce.com to remove security token feature.