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Workflow rule not firing on a custom object



We have a custom object SALES on Opportunity.

1. This object has all the fields calculated from related Opportunity.

2. We have created a workflow rule to send outbound data everytime this object is updated.

3. The relationship between Opportunity and SALES is Master (Opportunity)-Detail (SALES)

4. This object gets updated when we update the related Opportunity.


The workflow rule does not fire because except the object name field, all the fields are formula fields on SALES.

Can anyone suggest us the way to achieve the workflow rule to trigger the outbound data?


We need the help urgently. Let us know if you need more information.




Hi Roboti, 


Currently we do not have the option through workflows, please vote for the idea below for future product enhancements. 




Probably the other way is to either create a workflow on the Opportunity Object or Use a APEX Trigger. 


See the trigger for fomula field in the link below,







Hi Ashish,


Thanks for your reply! We tried to create the workflow on Opportunity object but we do not get the fields of our SALES object to select.


I will vote for your idea so that we can see this enhancement in future.


We are not into APEX coding so the trigger is a difficult thing for us.


Best regards