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Custom Links are not showing up on edit page layout



I have one standard opportunity page layout, and on that page layout itself i need a button to upload a file, while page is in editable mode.


i have created a custom link and using that link i can attach a file, and that link is even getting displayed on the page layout. But gets disappear while the page is in editable mode.


Please suggest if there is any possible solution for this.


Custom links will only appear on the 'Detail' layout - you'll need to create a custom button instead if you'd like it to be shown on the edit page.




Thanks for this. Anyway i have also created a custom button for attaching a file. And when i tried dragging that custom button on to the page layout, its not done.


It used to get pasted always on top of the page, and gets disapper while editing the page.


please suggest how can it be achieved??


The best thing to do is trial and error..