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Selecting Custom Objects from Account (PHP)



I have a custom object called "Notepad" associated with Accounts. There can be many notepads for one account (1:n). I am wonding, using php, what is the best way to select all the "Notepads" associated with a certain account based on the Account ID. 




I have the account Peter Test.


I create two Notepads associated with Peter Test.


The notepads contain a field labeled "internet_Provider".


From PHP I want to select the Peter Test's Account.FirstName Account.LastName and both Notepads.Internet_Provider, knowing only the Account ID.


I am able to select the FirstName and LastName no problem, but am unsure how to go about getting the custom objects and their contents.


Appreciate any help,




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Park Walker (TAGL)Park Walker (TAGL)

If you refer to the documentation you'll see that something like the following will get you what you want:


Select FirstName, LastName, (Select Notepad__c From Notepad__r) From Account Where Id = 001000000000123AAA


You will want to check your WSDL or try the query in Eclipse to get the exact names.