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Developer Support Engineer - Salesforce.com


Location:  San Francisco, CA; San Mateo, CA; Toronto, Canada;


Description: The Force.com platform is the most scalable, secure and popular on-demand platform in the world today. You can develop and instantaneously deploy applications without any infrastructure - 100% on-demand. We are seeking a highly motivated and creative individual ready to drive our customers to creating excellent applications on the Force.com platform. If you seek to join our talented, highly innovative team to enhance the Developer, Customer, and Partner user experience, this might be the perfect fit for you.



  • Assist third-party developers to troubleshoot their integration with salesforce.com APIs, Apex, Visualforce and implementation

          of other salesforce.com developer products. This will involve debugging, troubleshooting, and taking

          responsibility to see that the issue is fully resolved.

  • Write sample code, client libraries, and contribute to Open Source projects.
  •  The Developer Support Engineer will take the initiative to create knowledge base materials dedicated

          towards operational efficiency while also empowering and enabling the developer community.



Required Skills/Experience:

  • BA/BS degree in a technical field preferred with a strong academic record.
  • 3+ years engineering / programming work experience.
  • Visualforce and Apex code experience
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively.
  • Solid knowledge of XML, preferably experience using server-to-server web services (SOAP)
  • Solid programming abilities in one or more of the following languages: Java, PHP, Python, Ruby,

           .NET, JavaScript and Perl.

  • Some APIs also require strong AJAX web application development experience and knowledge of browser

           compatibility issues.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Solid understanding of Internet technologies: firewalls, web servers, web proxy servers, etc.
  • Understanding of database concepts and data management (RDBMS) and SQL


Desired Skills/Experience:

  • Previous experience with Salesforce.com CRM and its technologies.
  • Experience as a committer in an Open Source project is a plus.



If interested, please contact me hiring manager Greg Walker  gregwalker@salesforce.com or call him @ 650-653-4516


I am a salesforce developer. I do not have any prior industrial experience but I have got sufficient knowledge in visual force, Apex and salesforce related tools. I have done my masters project in salesforce.
I am a fresh graduate seeking for an opportunity.
Please let me know if you consider giving me a chance.
Thanks & Regards,





Thank you for the reply.  At this time we are looking for canidates with at least 3 years of work / programming experience.  I highly recommend you review the open job postings at Salesforce and see if there is an opening that matches your work experience.








Hi I can provide your demand. If you want we can talk.







It is Vishwanath from Hyderabad, India.

I have 28 months of developing experience in a reputed product development company. 

In Salesforce, I have 1+ year experience. 

Education: MS in IT.

Please let me know the status for this position. 




Rakshit Khandelwal 3Rakshit Khandelwal 3

I have a developers account with API enabled still getting error "API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG: The REST API is not enabled for this Organization." on HEROKU.

Though working fine on local

Please help

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