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resources for salesforce technical screening

hey, we don't have in-house salesforce experts but need to pre-screen a few salesforce developers. can you please let me know if there are any websites like eskill offering salesforce developer tests? i understand that a lot of people are certified but is that a real warranty of the experience?


i would really appreciate feedback on this


Simple answer, ask them for screenshots or sample code of previous projects.  This will help. 

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A certificate might not be a correct guage for experience. It is imperative the applicants are asked the right questions based upon your requirement.


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You cant judge developers based on an online test, what if they have someone else do it for them. Personally the best way is to have a convesation with them - however you woudl need to know what questions to ask. You should also consider them hiring part-time first and see if they can handle the projects you have.


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Certification is not real warranty to developers you can test them with sample requirement test.

Give a sample requirement to them similar to your original requirement.


If you want developers to test their skills. Please we are ready to face test.


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