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Looking for custom app developer for Distribution/Inventory Mangement

We need this application to run on a mobile app device as well.


We have currently on Quickbooks which need to move to the cloud:

- All Clients (800 to 900 approx)
- Invoice balances/history/current
- What was sold (Approx. 25 products to choose from)
- When it was sold

- Product expiration dates (these are perishable food products)

- Company balance


The Overview of Operations:
Distributor (Me) --> Driver (Truck Inventory)---> Ending Client (800 to 900)


Between these 3 areas everyone should have access to REAL-TIME inventory, finances and related information. I want to be able to drill down on clients to see any current details. If there is an issue it will be "open" or "closed" for that client.


I am very serious about this project. Hope to hear from you soon.




First, you did hear the announcement that Intuit is going to start selling a version of salesforce.com that interfaces directly with the online version of Quickbooks. This was announced at the end of March, but no specific dates, or prices, or functions, were included. They did mention "summer."


Second, I developed a rather complete version of an ERP system for Vetrazzo inside salesforce.com (search the salesforcec.com site for Vetrazzo) or watch this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_jPoNd7UOw - with Vetrazzo stage with Marc Benioff at the Dreamforce 2009 keynote.


Please contact me so we can discuss this further. I am based in New Orleans. Email is claiborne@claico.com. Phone is 504 655-0000.



super developersuper developer



I have 2 years Experience with Salesforce.com.


I can handle your project in a best way to provide flexible solutions at each level of usage of the system. I have experienced people who dealt lump sum(More than 20) of salesforce.com projects which includes configuration apex coding, visual force coding, packaged apps, integration with external system using custom development, and intermediate tools like (Informatica, apatar etc.,) data migration etc. Our deliverables include requirement business matrix techniques, design documents, unit test scripts, user acceptance test scripts, deployment plan, and application user guide.

Please do contact with us for further steps.
Our Skypeid is dskvap. PLease ping us once when come online.


I want to know your requirement indetail.

Do you need migration of data from quick books to salesforce.Is this right?


Waiting for your reply,
Prad Kiran


Yes, we need to migrate the data from quickbooks regarding clients, inventory, and financial balances just once. Then after that we will strictly use our new application for inputting new data.


How the current system works:

The driver picks up inventory from warehouse--->delivers to client and creates paper invoice-->driver brings back to warehouse and gives to data entry employee to put into quickbooks. (It is ok to abandon quickbooks when new app is up)


They can not function like this anymore. What kind of solution were you thinking of providing for this situation?


Drop me an email with your contact details so that we can discuss this further.





my skype id is: SGPanalyst


feel free to contact me there


super developersuper developer

Hi SGPanalyst,


I am the one who asked about indetail requirement. I already added you as my contact in skype. Let me know your convenient time  for the discussion as we need clarification about requirement.


Waiting for your reply.






I've added you on skype. Waiting for your confirmation.






I'd like to work with you. 
A few words about me:
I am a senior certified administrator and developer in Salesforce.com platform. I work in IT industry for already 12 years.
I am looking for opportunities to work as an administrator and developer in projects on Force.com platform. My experience in Salesforce.com is 4 years. I have a certificate ‘Certified Force.com Developer’ (401).
I have done a lot of Salesforce.com projects including a difficult complex projects and Salesforce consulting. I am client-oriented and I am very passionate about projects what I do.
I always recommend a better ways to realize the client's needs.
I suggest  my clients qualitative, quick work and affordable price.
Also I have a wide experience and knowledge in websites development including ASP.NET 3.5, MVC, Web Services, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and integration with a lot of applications. I am able to make integrations of SalesForce.com with other applications using web services or other approaches.
My clients are from the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and Germany.
My rate is $20/hour.

If I can provide you with any further information on my background and qualifications, please let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.

Mikhail Ivanov

email: mikhail.ivanov@itasabc.com
skype: miha1982062