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Integrate - Salesforce.com Cases with Microsoft TFS defect tracking

If you have interest please respond.  Using Stone Bond's www.enterpriseenabler.com solution we want to create an AppComm (see below - different than software integration adapters) to enable bidirectional integration of Salesforce.com Cases and Microsoft TFS.  


Use Case:  To enable better collaboration between Sales, Product Management/Marketing, Tech Support and Software Development organizations that use Microsoft Team Foundation Server in software in development and Salesforce.com in Sales there is the need for immediate visibility of all defect issues and identifying which customers are affected.  We see the use of Salesforce Chatter to compliment this integration and improve the collaboration.  If you have a need for this use case please respond and that will help us prioritize.  The Salesforce.com AppComm exists today and the TFS AppComm would take about 2 weeks to create.


What's an AppComm?   Integrate ANY software application or database rapidly - custom adapters are DEAD!   Enterprise Enabler's (Agile Integration Software) has a patented technology to automate the discovery of ANY application or database data schema.  The data schema is save as metadata (AppComms).  This provides a simple way to create virtual relationships between disparate data sources for reporting, business intelligence, and data integration/migration (no staging databases).   With integration being simplified consultants / business analysts (instead of developers) are able to quickly define enterprise data integrations with a drag-and-drop GUI.  The resulting integration is ‘alive’ and aware of the presence of other AppComms.  So, each time an AppComm makes a connection to the source (i.e..; Salesforce.com, Oracle, SAP …) the AppComms will discover any changes to the data schema (i.e..; new custom field), so if the use case requirements change it takes only minutes (not fiscal quarters) to update the ‘virtual relationships’ between disparate data.

Drew KDrew K

Our sales force is already using sf.com and we'll be moving our customer service team onto it soon. We're currently looking at new development tools, and TFS is one of the candidates. If we can bring tickets in from SF to TFS that would be a big plus for that option.


Our organization would greatly benefit from this.  As a support team, we are currently using SalesForce to log all incoming calls.  Those calls that get escalated to development we enter into TFS.  Right now we have to create two separate cases in both platforms.  Having integration between these two systems would be a huge win for us.


Has this been created and if so, how would one go about getting it?



Heath HensleyHeath Hensley

Has anyone made any progress with a solution like this? I am very interested in this as well.


Yes we have developed the solution to Integrate SFDC with TFS ( case / bug tracking). Here is the video demo




Please drop an email to learn  more.